Jack and Li

We LOVE to explore the world.

Hi, my name is Jack

With the time passing by, I realized that the life time ahead of me might not be as long as the years that have passed already. So it was about time for me to do things I really like. Back then in the 80s, after living 4 years in Rwanda I decided to come back to Europe by road. I went on a trip for 1 month with my Land Rover and I was set on fire with my longing to travel. So now it’s travel time.

Hi, my name is Li


As a child I grew up in China where people were not allowed to travel freely. So as a teenager I already dreamt about the big wide world. My yearning for freedom and the right to travel to far away destinations was already huge! After I met Jack suddenly my dream became true and I could go wherever I wanted to. So I began to visit Europe from Spain to Norway but I longed to go to farer places. It started with Namibia and southern Africa.


Hi, my name is Jalimobil


One of the best chassis truck for the global traveller. Early on I was a bit jealous about my more modern brothers with all their fancy equipment, their powerful engines and their colourful electronic gadgets. But when I learned that such a “board computer” is really able to stop the whole truck from functioning, and leave its passengers somewhere lost and going crazy in the middle of nowhere I was very glad not to have fallen for the newest fashion stuff. I have the power of 222 horses and I think that should be quite sufficient. Speed isn’t the most important there where I bring my owners.


It's great when you can explore the world.